2022 International Conference on Optical Technology, Semiconductor Materials and Devices (OTSMD 2022)
Assoc. Prof. Fenfen Lv



Lu Fenfen received PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Xiamen University (XMU, China) in 2016. After that, she joined the Colleges of chemistry and materials, Longyan University as an associate professor. She has published 10+ research papers in journals, including ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, New Journal of Chemistry, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, etc. Currently, her major research interests are focused on the design and fabrication of integrated nanocatalysts for selective hydrogenation.

Speech title:

Novel synthesis supported Pd catalyst for selective hydrogenation


The selective hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene, as a probe reaction to investigate the hydrogenation of unsaturated C=C, has high industrial value. Pd-based catalysts are the most widely used catalysts at present, but they are easy to be fully hydrogenated, which leading to the lower butane selectivity. Hierarchically porous materials have attracted much attention as catalyst carriers in recent years because of their advantages such as improvement of mass transfer and the provision of highly dispersed active sites. The geometry/electronic structure of the catalyst can be adjusted through the design of the carrier, the addition of another metallic element to achieve better butene selectivity at higher conversion rates.