2022 International Conference on Optical Technology, Semiconductor Materials and Devices (OTSMD 2022)
Assoc. Prof. Zhao Lei



Dec. 2021- Present: Visiting Scholar (CSC), Singapore University of Technology and Design.
July 2015- Present: Associate Professor, Baoji University of Arts and Sciences.
Sep. 2005- Jun. 2015: PhD, Lanzhou University, China.

Speech title:
Interfacial friction-induced mechanoluminescence materials and visual mechanical sensing

Mechanoluminescence (ML) materials featuring mechanical-to-optical conversion have been vigorously studied as a carrier of optical sensing technology in the field of mechanical sensing due to their self-recovery, visualization, and non-contact sensing characteristics. Compared with traditional trap-controlled ML materials, interface friction-induced ML materials are expected to be popularized as a new generation of self-power mechanical sensing materials because they do not require additional light source irradiation. In our research work, the physical mechanism of the ML composite devices based on the triboelectric potential induced by the inorganic-organic interface is further clarified. The realization of environmental stability and high-precision mechanical sensing will be the future development direction of ML materials.