2022 International Conference on Optical Technology, Semiconductor Materials and Devices (OTSMD 2022)
Assoc. Prof. Xiaoling Lang



My research mainly concerns the study about some approaches to synthesize porous carbon / metal oxide composites and applications in energy storage, such as fuel cells, supercapacitors and lithium ion battery. I also focus on water splitting to hydrogen by photocatalytic reaction. 

Speech title: Photocatalytic Water Splitting Utilizing Electrospun Semiconductors for Solar Hydrogen Generation: Fabrication, Modification and Performance.


Hydrogen energy is considered a competitive and environmentally friendly carrier owing to its high calorific value, abundant reserves, carbon-free emission, and renewability. Water splitting for sustainable production of hydrogen from water via sunlight or clean energy derived electricity has attracted paramount attention. Photocatalytic water splitting provides a clean solution to produce hydrogen by taking advantage of abundant solar power. Due to their unique physico-chemical properties, metal/metal oxide based composite electrospun semiconductor photocatalysts show great potential to supplant some of the non-oxide photocatalysts and other nanostructures in water splitting. The key issues to the commercialization and scale-up production remain on the fabrication, modification and performance of photocatalysts. The modification and performance improving strategies for a wide range of metal/metal oxide (single, mixed, metal/carbon cocatalysts) electrospun semiconductors including the structure and compositional engineering are presented.